It’s an honor to hear that Dr. Asmita Mahla was invited to serve as the Chairperson for a webinar organized by the OGSSI (Obstetrics and Gynecological Society of Southern India) Midlife Committee on April 20, 2023. Such invitations are a recognition of an individual’s expertise, knowledge, and contributions to their field, and they provide an opportunity for them to share insights and lead discussions on important topics.

As the Chairperson for the webinar, Dr. Asmita Mahla likely played a crucial role in moderating the event, facilitating discussions, and ensuring that the webinar ran smoothly. This involvement reflects her commitment to advancing knowledge and best practices in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, particularly related to midlife healthcare.

Webinars organized by professional societies like OGSSI are important platforms for healthcare professionals to exchange ideas, share research findings, and stay updated on the latest developments in their respective fields. Dr. Asmita Mahla’s participation as a Chairperson would have added value to the event and contributed to the dissemination of valuable information to the medical community.

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