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What Is The Egg/Semen Donor Program

The Egg/Semen Donor Program is a compassionate and medically assisted solution designed to assist individuals or couples who are facing challenges with fertility. This program involves the generous donation of either eggs or semen by healthy, altruistic individuals, to help those who cannot conceive on their own.

it’s essential to know that our Egg/Semen Donor Program operates with the utmost care, confidentiality, and ethical standards. All donors and recipients are treated with respect and dignity, and the entire process is strictly regulated to ensure the highest quality and safety.

Embryo Transfer Services At Aashakiran Ivf Center

Aashakiran IVF, a symbol of optimism, intertwines advanced medical knowledge with sincere support, ushering individuals and couples on a transformative journey to realize their dreams of parenthood.

Our Success Stories

2300+ Real stories of Happy Couples from Aashakiran IVF Facilities, We feel deeply honored to have supported numerous couples in realizing their dreams of starting a family, year after year.

Lakhanpal Singh
Lakhanpal Singh
Very amazing and staff caring staff, i would recommend this to all.
Asha Sharma
Asha Sharma
Good experience
Sandeep Thakur
Sandeep Thakur
A wonderful experience and well cooperative staff with competent doctors...
Archana Raj Amba
Archana Raj Amba
Everything is so good & well managed.... Very nice services & awsome staff
Ramandeep Kaur
Ramandeep Kaur
Very nice experience here nd good staff good quality services nd best experienced doctors available here ,thanx ashakiran for providing us very good services I want to thanx specialaly there best team of doctors which give us guidance 24 *7 deeply thanx from my heart
Anshul Bhatt
Anshul Bhatt
Best consultation, helpful and soft spoken staff, Good experience!
prashant amba
prashant amba
Nice experience.
mnu lihas
mnu lihas
Verry nise
Khushi Rai
Khushi Rai
This is one of the best and safest atmosphere ive experienced in any hospital.. The whole staff is really helpfull and comforting. Doctors are too really knowledgeable and friendly. I recommend aashakiran ivf for any of your concerns. 🤍
Ananya Parihar
Ananya Parihar
The service that i receive from aashakiran ivf is excellent . Doctors and the staff are friendly and ensure that i am properly informed about my health and care .

Step-By-Step Process Of The Egg/Semen Donor Program At Aashakiran IVF

Embarking on the Egg/Semen Donor Program may seem intricate, yet our systematic guidance is designed to simplify each step of the journey, providing clarity and support throughout the process.

Who Should Choose The Egg/Semen Donor Program

  • Diminished ovarian reserve (women)
  • Male factor infertility (men)
  • Same-sex couples (ART)
  • Genetic disorders
  • Post-cancer fertility preservation
  • Repeated fertility treatment failures
  • Unexplained infertility

How Can The Egg/Semen Donor Program Help you

Choosing Embryo Transfer as your path to parenthood brings numerous benefits. It’s a fulfilling and secure option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Egg/Semen Donor Program

Who qualifies for the Pediatrics Services Egg/Semen Donor Program?2023-11-10T12:05:53+00:00

Eligibility is based on individual circumstances—ideal for those facing fertility challenges. Specifics were discussed in an initial consultation.

How are donors chosen for the Pediatrics Services Egg/Semen Donor Program?2023-11-10T12:06:15+00:00

Donors undergo rigorous screenings—medical, genetic, and psychological. Meticulous matching considers preferences and medical compatibility for optimal outcomes.

Are donors anonymous, or can I choose a known donor?2023-11-10T12:06:33+00:00

Both options are available. Anonymous donors for no direct contact; known donors may include friends or family. Our team guides your selection.

What’s the success rate of the Pediatrics Services Egg/Semen Donor Program?2023-11-10T12:06:52+00:00

Varies based on factors like age, health, and treatment plan. Personalized expectations were discussed during the initial consultation with our experienced team.

Is the Pediatrics Services Egg/Semen Donor Program covered by insurance?2023-11-10T12:07:13+00:00

Coverage varies by provider and policy. Check with your insurance company for details on fertility treatment coverage.

What emotional support is provided for recipients and donors?2023-11-10T12:07:30+00:00

Comprehensive support with counseling and groups helps navigate the emotional aspects of fertility treatments, ensuring a positive experience.

Can I combine the Pediatrics Services Egg/Semen Donor Program with other treatments?2023-11-10T12:07:47+00:00

Yes, they were often combined with IVF or PGT to enhance pregnancy chances. Your personalized treatment plan was discussed in the consultation.