Prolactin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. It plays a crucial role in regulating lactation and milk production in women after childbirth. However, high levels of prolactin in non-pregnant women can affect fertility and make it difficult to conceive.

How Prolactin Affects Fertility

High levels of prolactin, a condition known as hyperprolactinemia, can affect fertility in several ways:

  • Inhibit Ovulation: Prolactin can suppress the production of estrogen, which is necessary for ovulation. Without ovulation, fertilization cannot occur, making it difficult to conceive.
  • Disrupt Menstrual Cycle: High levels of prolactin can disrupt the menstrual cycle, leading to irregular periods or a complete absence of menstruation, also known as amenorrhea.
  • Decrease Libido: Hyperprolactinemia can also decrease libido or sex drive, making it difficult to conceive.
  • Decrease Sperm Production: High levels of prolactin in men can also decrease sperm production, affecting fertility.


Treatment for High Prolactin Levels

The treatment for high prolactin levels depends on the underlying cause. In some cases, medication can help lower prolactin levels and restore fertility. Bromocriptine and cabergoline are two medications that can effectively lower prolactin levels.


Aashakiran IVF and High Prolactin Levels

Aashakiran IVF is a fertility clinic that provides a range of services to help couples conceive. The clinic has a team of experienced doctors and healthcare professionals who specialize in treating infertility caused by high prolactin levels.

At Aashakiran IVF, the healthcare provider will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine the underlying cause of high prolactin levels. Once the cause is identified, the healthcare provider will create a personalized treatment plan to lower prolactin levels and improve fertility.

The treatment plan may involve medication to lower prolactin levels, lifestyle changes, or other fertility treatments, such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF).

In conclusion, high levels of prolactin can affect fertility in both men and women, making it difficult to conceive. Aashakiran IVF provides comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment plans to help couples overcome infertility caused by high prolactin levels. The clinic’s experienced healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing personalized care and support throughout the fertility journey, helping couples achieve their dream of starting a family.

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